Dual's Hope Proud to be Called Plum


HD BVA 2-2 (A)

ED 0-0

ECVO ogen vrij/ Eyes Clear

PRA prcd Clear

CNM Clear

EIC Clear

DM clear

HNPK clear

RD clear

SD2 clear

Epilepsie klinisch vrij 29/04/2022

Show qualification Very Good



FT Ch Levenghyl Malusi Nord J Ch FT W Tasco Brimstone FT Ch Lettermore Trout
FT Ch Stormwatch Spider of Tasco
Levenghyl Midge FT Ch Willowyck Ruff
FT Ch Glenpatrick Eve
FT Ch Dual's Hope Indeed FT Ch Waterford Fergus FT Ch Willowyck Ruff
FT Ch Waterford Covey
FT Ch Dual's Hope Charlotte FT Ch Willowyck Jack
FT W Abbeystead Gaiety